Essay on Notes On Journal Activity # 1

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Journal Activity #1 As a communicator, I have a couple of strengths including my ability to be straight forward in conversation. I can say exactly what’s on my mind with little to no confrontation. It is important to point out that when I am honest it is not with the intent to be mean and I always try to think of another person’s feeling and reactions. People generally never have to guess what I’m trying to say though and I find it extremely beneficial. Especially in a situation where I am explaining to a customer that there is a problem with the insurance covering their prescription. I let the customer know that insurance doesn’t want to cover the medication so I have to send a prior authorization. What that means is that the doctor needs to talk with insurance about an agreeable price compared to how crucial the medication is. I have sent a notice to the doctor and it always helps if they contact them as well. I would expect to wait 2-3 business days. Another strength I show is my ability to think and prepare my words before I speak. I do not just blurt things out or mumble. I also don’t let any kind of emotion get the better of me and say things I don’t mean or could regret later. I try to be conscious of others and their feelings and how I could be affected later by what I’m about to say. When people talk about their religion, I usually hear about Christianity and Catholicism, I will respond with honest feedback to an appropriate level of who I am talking to. I do not…

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