North Korean War Essay

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At the end of world war two for the first time in 35 years Korea was free of Japanese occupation. Due to the agreements that the Soviet Union signed with America to join the pacific war against Japan the Soviet army stopped at the 38th parallel and the country was split into two, the Soviet Union controlled the North and the Americans controlled the south.

With the fall of Fascism and the rise of communism across Europe, the United States and the USSR both strived to prove the superiority of their government systems, this resulted in the formation of two starkly different governments in the now divided Korea. This produced rising tensions along the 38th parallel as uprisings against the southern government, while the united state continued
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With the north Korean government refusing the resolution the United states contacted the Kremlin requesting for the Russian government to use their leverage over the PRK to adhere to the resolution, the Russians refused the request. The united nations were forced to hold United Nations Security Council Resolution 83 to discuss the intervention in the war by other members of the UN to restore peace in Korea, the proposal was voted in claiming “...the members of the united nations furnish such assistance to the republic of korea as may be necessary to repel the armed attack and restore international peace and security to the area” - United Nations resolution 83 of 27 june 1950, within days the United States and a coalition force began to move ships and aircraft to South

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