North Korea 's Impact On South Korea Essay examples

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The U.S eventually left South Korea, where they left “500 Untied States military personnel to form a military advisory group”. (Webb 10) They also left equipment for the South Koreans knowing that North Korea had a larger army than the South. In no time the North believed that they could get rid of all American influence on the South and bring Korea under one rule with the main party of Communism. The North then started to “conduct border raids, conducted guerilla actions, disseminated propaganda and attempted to negatively impact on South Korea’s economy.” (Webb 10) Eventually North Korea started a surprise attack on South Korea, where they used “heavy artillery concentration to facilitate movement of their ground forces southward on three primary routes”. (Web 11) The Untied Stated involved themselves again to make sure the North does not gain control of the South under one Communist Rule. They ensured that there were permanent military stationed in South Korea to help aid if the North decides to try and take the South again. The U.S also gives guaranteed support to the government in case of another attack and finical aid to the nation. Ultimately the U.S began withdrawing their soldiers in due time, but let North Korea and China know that if they try to take over the south again the U.S will use atomic weapons against them. Where even today North Korea and South Korea are divided at the 38th parallel and are strong believers in the ideology of Marxism. In the United…

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