Causes Of The Korean War

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While the United States and the Soviet Union were already in Korea, the United Nations should not have let them attempt to create the government there. The United States and the Soviet Union may have agreed to peacefully set up the government, however the United Nations should have been able to sense that there would still be problems. The United States and the Soviet Union have clashing ideologies and governments. The Soviet Union has a communist government and the United States has a democracy. How can you expect countries with such different governments to find a middle ground and establish a government for another country? The United Nations could have prevented the entire Korean War if they hadn 't let the Soviet Union and the United …show more content…
There are already tensions between the USSR and the U.S.., and between China and the U.S.. The USSR and the U.S. are the superpowers in this war, and they both have nuclear weapons. China full out doesn 't trust the U.S., because the U.S. backed their opposition in the Chinese civil war. Thus, when it looks like North Korea is about to fall the the U.S., China feels the need to intervene due to the fear of invasion. This is a valid fear as China is a communist country, and the U.S. is anti-communism. China intervening is also justified due to the fact that they had warned the UN not to cross the 38th parallel. However justified China 's intervention, the fact remains that this could have triggered a third would war. Prior to China 's intervention, the war appeared to be turning out in the favor of the U.S.. Shortly after China intervened, it looked more like the U.S. would lose. This is the first event that could have triggered the third world war. It is within reason to believe that the U.S. could have dropped a nuclear bomb on North Korea as this would have ended the war and prevented the U.S. from further losses. No bomb was dropped however, and U.S. recovered from the initial shock of the Chinese army. In fact, the U.S. eventually managed to drive the Chinese and North Korean armies, above the 38th, where the two sides fell into a stalemate. This is perhaps when a third world war looked imminent. Much like Japan at the end of World War II, the North Korean army had been driven back into their own territory, yet refused to surrender. They could not come to a peaceful agreement, and the U.S. dropping a bomb on North Korea would have the same effect as it had on Japan at the end of World War II. However, instead of ending a war, it would have started one. The USSR also has nuclear weapons, and if the U.S. were to drop a bomb, the USSR would retaliate, causing a third world war potentially ending the human

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