Nordstrom Consumer Positioning Strategy

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A company’s positioning strategy plays a crucial role in differentiating the company’s brand from competitors’ brands. Nordstrom has made several choices that distinguish it from other retailers. These choices include providing exceptional customer service, entering the outlet business, reaching out to young customers, and emphasizing omnichannel. Nordstrom made those decisions in order to attract customers and create a distinct competitive advantage. Nordstrom prides itself on its great customer service. Nordstrom strides to make the customer happy and to help the customer with whatever he or she needs. By focusing on customer service, Nordstrom is able to provide its customers with an ideal experience that strengthens Nordstrom’s brand and creates customer satisfaction for its customers. Nordstrom’s return policy is one aspect of its position strategy that adds to the company’s excellent customer service and differentiates Nordstrom from other retailers such as Target. Nordstrom will …show more content…
Nordstrom is one of the few retailers to offer value-adding outlets. Companies like Target and Macy 's are confined to department stores only. Nordstrom Rack, the name of Nordstrom’s outlet stores, gives Nordstrom exposure to a completely different customer who is all about value (Lutz 1). Nordstrom Rack sells high-end merchandise at a discounted price to its customers. This positioning strategy is implemented by Nordstrom to reach out to different customers and provide those customers with more value. This positioning strategy is also very distinctive, which adds to Nordstrom’s competitive advantage. Most retailers only have department stores, which occasionally have sales and promotions. By providing its customers with an outlet that offers high-end goods at a discounted price, Nordstrom is able to attract more customers and create a distinctive competitive

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