No More Gun Control Laws Essays

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No More Gun Control Laws

When someone shoots or uses a gun inappropriately the whole world knows, in the past, people would almost never hear about these instances. With the media covering all the news happening in the world, it is literally at people’s fingertips to know what is happening in their surroundings. Keeping in mind that it becomes easy to hear all about the gun violence. Of course, the idea is recklessly being spread that guns should be considered evil or destructive. However, a numerous amount of laws have been forced upon the United States; with centuries passing it is to the point where certain looked upon figures want to outlaw guns completely. Everyone has the right to own a gun and that shouldn’t be taken away or questioned by anyone. Therefore, no more gun control laws should not be implemented, but the ones already passed should have improvements made in order to make them more efficient and worthy.

The one idea that will always remain a fact is the second amendment was established for a reason. This amendment allows citizens the right to bear arms. These laws were implemented by the founding fathers in order to, “ensure the protected basic rights” and allow men to make sure ordinary people had the ability to carry guns as they please (Al-Khatib). In other words, this was seen as a right that should be granted to all who need it or want it because of the importance of being able to carry one’s own protection. Nevertheless, plenty claim that…

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