No Love In Mary Lennox's The Secret Garden

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In The Secret Garden, readers learn the devastating effects on a child when he or she is shown no love. Mary Lennox, the protagonist of the story, was given all the goods and things that she wants, but with no real feeling from her parents, she feels neglected and soon adapts a very nasty character. When you first read it, it may seem like she might never change, but when she encounters a secret garden tucked away in a hidden room in a giant mansion, she changes completely.

Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote books mostly for children. She is most famous for The Secret Garden, A Little Princess, and Little Lord Fauntleroy. When she was sixteen, she moved to Tennessee and there eventually became one of the most well known writers of her time. Throughout
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Just like her, the garden seemed to be neglected and forgotten. However, there were roses that kept the garden alive and well. After looking at the garden for a while, she herself began to feel alive and spirited. Determined, she decided that she would try to grow all the flowers back and make the garden completely alive and healthy again. With the help of Dickon, the twelve-year-old brother of Martha, they slowly grew many, many colorful, beautiful flowers and beautified the place. One day, back in the mansion, Mary hears some mysterious crying from another room. She immediately started hunting around, but on her first attempt, one of the servants told her to go to her room and not to move around. On her second attempt, she finally found the source of the sound, which she found out was Colin, the son of Mr. Craven. Colin was always upset and angry as his father, in a way, rejected his son after his wife died. In addition, he was convinced that he had would not have a straight back like everyone else. However, he too felt much better after Mary showed him the garden. He thought that it was “Magic” from the garden, Mary, and Dickon that made him feel well and strong again. This “Magic” was actually positive thinking and a will to

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