No Longer Produced By Angela Davis Essay

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For something to qualify as obsolete, it must be out of date or no longer produced. Angela Davis questions in her book Are Prisons Obsolete whether or not the use of prisons is still necessary or if they can be abolished, and become outdated. Davis raises many questions and challenges about the use of prisons in today’s world. A few of the leading concerns when it comes to prisons is the topic of sexual abuse especially towards female inmates, the idea of prison being a racial institution, and the establishment of prisons for profitable purposes. Criminals have full access to what life in jail is like, but many citizens who have not experienced prison are not fully educated on what actually occurs behind closed doors. Effective alternatives need to be created to transform the way in which crime is addressed, and the further expansion of prisons needs to be prevented. Angela Davis makes it evident through her book that she does not agree with the use of prisons due to the mistreatment, neglect, and racial inferiority that occurs. She believes efforts need to be made to bring prisoners back into the “free world”. Racial profiling of African Americans, Asian Americans, Latinos, and Native Americans has led to the idea that prisons are racial institutions. “Black Codes” were designed which stated that any black person accused of the mentioned actions would be criminalized. In Mississippi, these actions included, “anyone /who was guilty of theft, had run away, was drunk, or had…

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