Why Prisons Dont Work By Wilbert Rideau

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In “Why Prisons Don’t Work,” Wilbert Rideau claims state prisons will never improve the lives of criminals and lower crime rates in other states. There are four reasons to consider for dramatic shift to make prisons legitimately functional: 1) Resulting with a “silver bullet” instead of turning a criminal’s life around, 2) Keeping a prisoner long enough can make a man embrace inmate life, 3) Not focusing on the main threat of the young potential criminals, 4) Not giving enough opportunity of giving a convict a second chance at rehabilitation. People who come into a prison may never come out of the rest of his unchanged life. Putting a “silver bullet” through criminals does not keep society safe. The problem is harsh penalties do not scare the …show more content…
However, there is still the tremendous amount of aspiring young criminals who will always pose a threat. People need to focus on the main problem of fearing potential crimes committed. Wilbert Rideau is an example of a criminal behind bars, but has changed and places no fear in society. I believe prisons are necessary to keep criminals away from the world we live in until they realize what they are doing leads to negative outcomes and prisons are just functioning not well enough for …show more content…
There is a likely crime that society does not focus on and in turn they will fear. When I hear someone put into prisons I think to myself that there could be possibilities that inmate could jailbreak their way out. Is that not a possible high risk crime that society fears even if the stakes are low? If people want to prioritize their safety locking up an inmate cannot always make you feel safe. I remember a few years ago, there was a man named George Zimmerman, he claimed to have killed a young man almost my age at the time but a trial decided that is was self-defense. The man still killed a young man resulting in a crime nevertheless. In my opinion, I believe there is always something to fear in our world we are just not seeing it until the event unravels.

With keeping lawbreakers for extended periods of time in jail makes them enjoy their lives. Yes, convicts will not change because of that amount of lengthy, agonizing time they feel like there is no hope upon seeing the opened door to the outside world. Once released will they find a job? There is a chance released prisoners can find a job, but the more likely outcome is that they will violate another law ending back where they started. In addition, prisons can have no factor in changing a man’s life in the right direction. I acknowledge

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