Pros And Cons Of Mckean Prison

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Register to read the introduction… They make these irrational mistakes and have a clouded perspective of what will manifest from those actions. People like this need to know the ramifications to their actions. Every action has a equal or greater reaction. As a society we need to teach people that crime is not the only way to escape from their troubles. It possibly could seem as a loss of responsibility but it is not . We need prisoners to learn how to better themselves which will in fact better society as a whole. The only way to try to rehabilitate criminals is to allow them to take certain programs which will help the individual stay sane, learn a trade, and meet god. Having prisoners set goals in their time of imprisonment will surly make the prison society have a much safer atmosphere.(Colson, Charles. 90) In Mckean prison several measures have been adopted to try and reform the corrections process. These measures have made Mckean one of the most successful and safest medium security prison in the country. "Mckean prison has a growing number of violent offenders admitted and the cost per year for these felons in only approximately $15,370. That is below the average for prisons of its type, and far below the overall federal average $21,350. It is two-thirds of what many state prisons cost."(Dilulio, John 22) With all this Mckeans incident record since 1989 reads like a clean slate: no escapes, no homicides, no sexual assaults, and no suicides.(Dilulio, …show more content…
The media tends to make people feel afraid because all they show is bad news. This cause our unconsciousness to allow fear come into our lives, even though there really is not anything to be fearful for. Crime is a problem. This will never change. Harsher sentencing and police brutality will never help the removal of crime off our streets. Something needs to happen in our prison system because it is terribly wrong. We are digging a hole for our ourselves and letting our neighbors and country men rot away until the are unleashed back into the community. Overcrowded prisons will create very aggressive atmospheres for people who still have a chance to continue in life as a normal person. This atmosphere will cause that person to be very angry and scornful which could in pact future families and communities. If America would wake up and actually try and correct our falling brothers our society would have the ability to make our streets a safe place again. What needs to to be done is our facilities should emulate Mckean prison. Mckean's inmates are denied freedom but they have the ability to teach themselves trades, get drug treatment, and meet god. If we treat convicts like humans they will respond as humans. We cannot dehumanize them anymore and expect our communities to benefit from it. It does not work. There is no need to build more prisons, they need to decrease the rate of throwing non-violent offenders in

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