No Grand Conspiracy Behind Vaccinations Essay

1147 Words Sep 20th, 2015 5 Pages
Today, it is no uncommon sight to see parents refusing to vaccinate their children for a myriad of reasons. In effect, these unvaccinated children pose threats to everyone around them, having the potential to spread diseases against which they ought to have been vaccinated. Not only do the parents reject the medical consensus that vaccinations are by far more beneficial than harmful, they also insist that their children, who again pose threats to other children by being unvaccinated, ought to be able to go to public schools or use public transportation, where they are not only at risk of becoming sick themselves, but also of infecting others. All of these things I will discuss in further depth in this essay. But first, I want to make it very clear that there is no grand conspiracy behind vaccinations. Medical professionals have your best interests at heart when developing and administering vaccinations. The process of developing and approving a vaccine is daunting. Not only does the development of vaccinations require enormous effort and research, but the approval of those vaccinations after their development requires extensive testing and retesting. Only after they are absolutely sure that the vaccination (a) protects the recipient from the disease AND (b) has no or relatively minor adverse effects does it get considered for approval. The misconception that vaccinations cause autism is a horrifyingly popular one. It seems to stem from a study done by one Andrew Wakefield…

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