Describe The Relationship Between Pros And Cons

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Nikki, a very accomplished and well-known con artist takes an amateur con artist, Jess under his wing. He teaches her some tricks to pulling off a successful con. As Nikki is getting ready to pull off a big con he and Jess become romantically involved. Following pulling off a big con in New Orleans, Nikki decides to let Jess go because he realizes that his living his life of being a liar and a cheater while trying to maintain a long-term relationship did not mix well. Fast forward three years later Nikki is in trying to pull off an even bigger con. He is working for a guy to give a competitor false information but before he can really begin the con he runs into Jess who is dating Nikki’s employer. Nikki uses the past relationship between the two of them to use Jess to get some information that she needs. When it is time for …show more content…
On their way out of town they are caught and it is then that Jess finds out Nikki was using her while also admitting to manipulating Nikki. Nikki learns that she was not involved with his employer but acting as a groupie to steal his expensive watch. Nikki is shot, by his father who is working the con with him, so that the truth will not come out. Jess admits her love for Nikki because she believes he is dying while his father takes him to the hospital and takes the money leaving Nikki with nothing. Nikki then realizes as he and Jess are walking to the hospital that she has stolen watch and they will be walking away with at least 50,000 dollars from the

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