Essay on New States And New Mexico

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It mostly matters on the swing states, in this case, New Mexico being one out of the three, for they have citizens with different viewpoints. Why did New Mexico law, not federal (government) law, decide how Bud should recast his vote? New Mexico’s law, not federal law, decides how Bud should recast his vote because the electoral votes are of New Mexico. It doesn’t deal with the decision of the rest of the forty nine states, since the citizens already had cast in their votes and the electoral votes are already gone to the Republican party of the Democratic party. New Mexico has the four electoral votes that could go to either party, and whichever one has 270, the candidate will win the presidential election and become President. Bud’s vote will determine if all of the state’s electoral votes go to the President or Mr.Greenleaf because there was an equal amount of votes for each party in New Mexico for the electors to make their choice. Additionally, the candidate that Bud chooses will win because of the “winner-take-all policy” which states if majority of the electors side with one party than the other, all of the electoral votes go that side, including the votes that were for the opposing side. What is an independent voter? A straight-party ticket voter? An independent voter is a voter who votes by the candidate and issues, instead of voting by party. They usually switch sides most of the time in elections. For example, an independent voter will go for a candidate…

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