Netflix Case Study Solution

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Register to read the introduction… Renowned customer service Netflix continued focus on providing customers with what they want allows the company to differentiate itself from the competition. Some practical examples from the case include. “Beating Amazon, Apple, Netflix crowned number one in seven straight e-commerce customer satisfaction surveys conducted by Foresee Results” Netflix provides customers with movie recommendations based on the customers own reviews, renting habits, and location. This gave an opportunity to show its customers how far it can stretch to fulfill customers’ needs. The case describes “to improve the tool used to generate these recommendations, Netflix organized a contest to gather its members’ ideas, the prize one million dollars.” What an investment!!!!!!!! 2. Quick adaption of technology Netflix innovation and ability to link its services with the pace in technology enabled the company to provide differentiated service, which combines DVDs delivered quickly by mail and movies streamlined instantly over the internet. The case outlines “Netflix recently introduced instant viewing, which streams any of 10,000 movies and television shows to customers’ computers. Within thirty seconds of beginning a download, customers can roll the opening …show more content…
Being the first company that venture into the online DVDs rental retailing, Netflix gain a first mover advantage. Netflix has gained a good reputation as well as a large base of customers over the years. Beside, having a good and strong relationship with several major studios which enable them to acquire latest releases at a faster time and lower cost, Netflix also successfully gain resources from independent film studios whereby creating a niche in the market. Therefore, customers can get a whole wide range of movies from Netflix as compared to other

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