Negative Life Changing Experiences Of Ted Bundy: One Of A Serial Killer

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Most serial killers do not start killing until something bad happens in their life, however, negative life changing experiences such as losing a love one or failing at something you do can change your life in ways you wouldn’t expect. It could make you think things you wouldn’t normally think, or make you do things you probably wouldn’t do also. Things like this could set off an emotional trigger. Ted Bundy, was one of those people who lost a loved one and had a negative life changing experiences and started murdering, raping, torturing women that resembles his ex-girlfriend.

Ted Bundy is probably the most famous serial killer in America. He has murder over thirty-three women but authorities believe he had murdered over more than 100 women.
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As soon as Bundy got to Glenwood Springs Jail, he was already in action making his next escape plan (Ted, 2016). He acquired a hacksaw from an inmate, and $500 in cash smuggling from a few of his friends and family when they came to visit him (Kat, 2016). For the next two weeks, Bundy sawed through the steel reinforcing bar in his cell’s ceiling (Kat, 2016). For those two weeks Bundy didn’t shower nor hardly eat, which resulting him losing 35 pounds of weight helped him being able to squeeze through the crawl space above his cell’s ceiling (Kat, 2016). On December 23, 1977 the Aspen trial judge ruled that the Caryn Campbell murder trial would start on January 9, 1978 and the venue was changed to Colorado Springs (Ted, 2016). Bundy realized he had to make his escape before he got transferred out of Glenwood Springs (Ted, 2016). On the night of December 30, 1977 Bundy packed books and files under his blankets to make it look like he is still asleep (Ted, 2016). Most of the guards were out on Christmas break and some of the prisoners, were on furloughs, so people wouldn’t notice him escaping (Kat, 2016). He managed to wiggle through the crawl space that he made. He crawled over the jailer apartment who he and his wife was out for the evening. (Ted, 2016). Bundy broke into the apartment and walk out the door (Kat, 2016). The night before he had escaped an informant in the prison told a guard that he had heard Bundy moving around in the ceiling during the night (Ted,

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