Negative Essay: The Changes That Technology Brings Us

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Dontae Weatherly



7 November, 2016

The Changes That Technology Brings Us

Technology has a major effect on our everyday lives. Therefore, as technology grows, changes, and advances fundamental changes are bound to occur. Because technology is man-made, we can control how technology is changing us. However, because of technology being so widespread and constantly advancing, we can’t resist change, change is inevitable. As technology advances its effect on our lives has grown as well, we largely depend on technology to complete tasks. Technology has a broader spectrum of how it affects us. Many people use technology for personal reasons, such as using technology to escape reality. Jane McGonigal, director of game research
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Many people think technology tends to isolate individuals, others believe it brings them together. Keith Hampton, Professor at Rutgers, along with two of his graduate students conducted an experiment that tested this conflict on whether technology separates or unites us. The experiment consisted of video recording outside a busy area then later analyzing the video to examine the use of technology. The study showed that technology was used mostly amongst people whom are by themselves. Most groups recorded consisted of no one using …show more content…
That statement implies that Addo has accepted or realized that technology has become part of our daily lives and now it’s time to focus on progression rather than resistance. Technology is a state where it is constantly changing and advancing, which is intended to make our everyday tasks easier and more efficient, allowing us to focus on the things technology can’t. It’s almost as if technology is saying “don’t worry about that, that’s my job”. We don’t have to go out and buy calendars, our phones take care of that. There’s no point on waiting on the paper to circulate, every paper has a website. We live in an era where basic wants or necessities are readily available and there whenever we need

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