Marriage: Multiple Partners Or Just One?

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Angelica Roman
Prof. Soullier
English 1302
27 April 2016
Multiple Partners or Just One? Marriage is slowly but surely becoming less of a priority in today’s society. Men simply don’t want to because they want multiple partners instead of staying with one woman and being unfaithful to them. Therefore women have evolved and most men are intimidated by a strong woman that doesn’t necessarily need a man. Laura Kipnis express that faults with marriage and how it is an outdated obligation in adulthood, and to minimize the divorce rate people should just stop getting married. Since it is just a piece of paper and a ring that couples spend way too much money on. Also how love really doesn’t even exist and wasn’t even a vocabulary word until the seventeenth
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Infidelity has always been an factor in marriages in divorce, about only 10 percent of young Americans believe that extramarital sex is wrong and 76 percent believe that it is not wrong at all (Treas, 48). As humans always look for a way not to get caught and for that reason more and more people have had affairs. Most people you ask now days can tell you that they would have an affair if their partner was to never find out. Kipnis explain how no matter how wrong it is to step out of you marriage people will do it anyway as long as they can get away with it, and for that reason people should not get married if they know they cannot stay faithful to one person the rest of their life. Communication is key to a successful marriage, in order to be on the same page. One spouses needs are just as important as the other’s and it is essential for those needs and feelings to be expressed. Another factor that marriages are ending in divorces are couples struggle to communicate and express those feelings to each other. Most couples are taking that extra step to seek outside help with their marriage by going to …show more content…
It is always okay to seek professional help if your spouse isn’t quite fulfilling their duties. And it is okay to figure out if you do have a sex addiction per say and didn’t even know that was why you were stepping out on your wife. Kipnis main goal with “Against Love” was to educate people that it is okay not to be married. Although it is looked upon as a requirement in today’s society, it is okay to spare someone’s heart and not fall into that divorce rate. Love is a very beautiful thing that most people fall victim too because they are solely in love with the idea of love. Because of how young girls you to dream of finding a husband, but they now have the freedom to be with whomever and however many they want. Unfortunately, marriage is a behavior that is slowly fading away but for the better because more people will be happy by making the decision they want and not what they are expected to do and for that reason more marriages will be successful because it won’t be the norm

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