How To Do Abortion Save Life

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Statistics show that nearly one in four pregnancies end in abortion. There are countless options that an expecting woman can turn to other than an abortion. Many people consider abortion before they consider putting the baby up for adoption. If a mother would decide to give birth rather than have an abortion, her decision would help families that can not have children. When choosing to have an abortion, mothers should first consider the harm it will do to her body rather than carrying out the pregnancy. Abortion should be illegal because it entails the act of killing a life, the medical complications, and the depression of the mother. Although, it says that women have abortions out of cruelty, research actually says that abortions happen for socioeconomic reasons. Some may ask when a human being is considered living, to answer this question, one must have a heartbeat to live. Arguing whether a baby is living or deceased proves irrelevant once the heart begin to beat. One may hear some mothers argue about a fetus and a person; they exist as the …show more content…
The lasting effects of abortion can not only change the lives of many, it can ruin the lives as well. Abortion should not be legal, saving lives one day at a time. One in four pregnancies end in abortion. Also, 41 percent of the lives affected with depression, medical difficulties, emotional turmoil, and other physical disorders come along with abortion. When a person considers all of these negative, and life-threatening, outcomes of abortion, one should conclude as abortion made illegal once and for all. A human and a fetus both have a heartbeat; killing a human is illegal because it stops the heartbeat, causing the person to die. When a mother has an abortion, she kills the fetus by stopping the heartbeat. Murder and abortion go hand in hand, however abortion is legal and murder remains

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