Pro Life And Pro Choices: The Outlaw Of Abortion

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According to the World Health Organization, “Forty-seven thousand women die from complications of unsafe abortion each year”. While these numbers are unsettling enough, with the outlaw of abortion these numbers will continue to rise. The debate of “Pro life” and “Pro choice” are the two sides of abortion that have split the world in half: this being a debate between morality, and free will. The outlaw of abortion affects the norm of society; abortion forces the usage of unsafe abortions, a rise in the already overpopulated planet, and a financial impact of the child’s mother (WHO). While no state within the United States has made abortion fully illegal, some states continue to constrict the rules that surround abortion. While abortion dispatches …show more content…
While this seems cruel and unjust, abortion benefits the world by reducing the strain on needed supplies such as food by eliminating an unborn child, “Each and every day, 40,000 innocent children. starve to death or die from curable diseases,” (qtd. TheOverpopulationQuestion). While abortion is considered “murder” wouldn’t it be considered worse if a mother aborted her child, rather than let it starve to death, or die of unsafe unnatural causes? While not only does human population have an impact on the human species it also has an impact on the rest of the environment. With the constant strain on supplies humans put on the world this causes for extinction of wildlife species, the destruction of ecosystems, as well as unsafe exposure to the elements, (TheOverpopulationQuestion). Obviously, the outlaw of abortion affects more than just the human population. As a result, why would people want more …show more content…
According to The Overpopulation Question, each year there is an estimated number of five hundred twenty-nine thousand deaths of women due to pregnancy-related causes, approximately one every minute. The Overpopulation Question also indicates in most developing countries one in six married women prefer not to become pregnant, while using no form of contraception, because those women struggle to face “unmet need” such as financial stability, physical stability, and marital stability. For those who wish to not become pregnant, safe sex is recommended, but mistakes may happen. If the mother of the unborn child wishes to have an abortion due to an instability in the mother’s life, abortion should be allowed. By the illegalization of abortion mothers who become pregnant, who may be struggling with financial stability, physical stability, or relationship stability, will then suffer the overbearing responsibility of parenthood. The quality of the child’s life is then endangered, the child potentially faces the chance of resent from their mother, potentially leading to the child to suffer depression or physical abuse, and financial instability, potentially leading to a lacking in nutritious food or proper shelter. If abortion becomes illegal, abortion will still happen, only the rise is unsafe abortion deaths will rise. Mothers who wish to give up their child should have that

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