Negative Effects Of Video Game

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There are real effects of long-term video game playing. This statement by itself is true, just like the statement that people are affected by food. It’s not so much of that someone is affected by video game playing, but more so what other factors contribute to combined effects. This essay in look into the effects of long video game play and how other factors may work along with video game playing to create long lasting effects (Bavelier et al., 2011). There is a large body of research for the negative effects of gaming along with a growing base for the positive effects of game play. However, many research publications stop short of giving a total view of the effects of gaming. There are many attributes that can go into gauging the actual effects of video games on the brain. The benefits can be measured in long-term gamers in the sense of increased cognitive skills, faster processing, increased low level vision, peripheral sensory, etc. These increased attributes come from, predominately, from gamers that have been exposed to video games for long periods of time. Inversely, casual gamers may not have shown similar effects (Bavelier et al., 2011). There is also strong …show more content…
The first and most noticeable were losses in academic performance by gamers that are currently in school. These effects are simply caused by the opportunity cost of spending time engrossed in games versus the individual’s studies. There are also more notable negative effects from anti-social (violent) styled video games. One such video game, “Unreal Tournament,” is a violent, fast-paced, first person shooter, style video game. This game carries all the positive effects listed above due to it’s inconsistent, quick actions that happen at a moment’s notice, but games such as this also have very real negative effects to certain individuals (Bavelier et al.,

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