Computer Games: The Bright Sides Of Computer Gaming

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The Bright Sides of Computer Gaming
Computer gaming in general is extremely important in today’s world, and supporting the games being developed has created a plethora of options for income. These include: streaming, developing, making videos, or just promoting the games themselves. Without computer gamers there would not be such a large market for their development, and computer hardware would not be where it is at today if the demand was not there.
Computer Gaming
Contrary to many peoples’ popular belief, gaming can be beneficial. A lot see gaming as a problem, as it can be seen as a waste of time. For those who do not play games, it can be easy to say it is a waste of time, but it is a hobby alike many others. The largest market
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It is a recent improvement to the movement of gaming and allows for the streaming of games for any and all to see. It has created a way for companies to sponsor gamers to funnel money into the market to get their viewers to see their products. One of the ways that streamers, or the people who stream the games, make their money is from straight donations. People just click the link and are able to donate their own money to the streamers through PayPal or other means for a tax free payment. The top streamers on the website use the cams, and various overlays to show off their sponsors who pay them just to play whatever game they are playing. The other forms of payment that they can get are from their subscriptions, and advertisements. The subscriptions are from a monthly subscription of $5 from the website. Based on their subscription count, the website takes up to half of that, the amount received by the streamer increases based on their subscription count. They can also receive payment from the advertisement that they can choose to play if they …show more content…
Almost everyone enjoys playing games, and for those who do, it can be their favorite pass time. The positives of gaming have been discovered and are apparent. Gamers can now make and have a plethora of friends whom they meet online, and have them be friends outside the game. Computer gaming has become extremely important in today’s world, and supporting the games being developed has created a plethora of options for income. The developers make their money from making and selling the games, and the money trickles right back down to those who play it, and make a living from it. To create such a market, it has taken a long time, but the power of the people has willed it. There would be no one making a living off making games or for playing them without

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