The Muller And Perlmutter Study

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Some people believe that technology has harmed the human societies over the years, due to its effects on the personal lifestyles of the people who use them. Nonetheless, one must understand that the use of technology actually has more positives that outweigh the negatives. It is imperative for the human societies to keep using technology, as it has become a necessary tool for the advancement of the human complexity. Technology has allowed humans societies to overcome many issues that were endured by its previous primitive societies. It has essentially allowed human societies to provide better medical treatments, a more efficient access to the worldwide information, and has actually improved the social skills amongst people.
The technology that is used today allows the human societies to provide better medical treatments for its people.
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Regardless of all the dislike people have had towards technology over the years, researcher had suggested that computer “may increase the amount of communication and positive interaction between children.” The Muller and Perlmutter study (1985) focused on the subject, finding that children “participated in interactions with others during 63% of computer play versus 7% of puzzle play.” 3 The study therefore implies that the use of technology has actually greatly benefitted the interactions between its subjects—the only difference is the mode of communication that was used. The researchers of the study additionally believed that computers provides the children of the study (and everyone else) an opportunity to interact with others at a standard interface that is shared by everyone. There is essentially no boundaries that can separate people on the web as they are simply seen as a user to the other person—it makes the use of technology as catalyst for “information sharing, language development, and decision

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