The Importance Of Technology In The World

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From Stone Age to the 21th century, technology is always a remarkably crucial part of our history. We invented and improved different kinds of technology for one thing that is made the world a better place to live. Although some people say that technology has brought more harm than benefit to our lives, to a large extent, I think that overall it has made the world a better place to live for the following reasons.

First of all, the improvement of transportation technology has facilitated our lives. Travelling speed is the most noticeable enhancement. Compare to the past, people went to other country by ship or horse may take a month. Today, we only need to get on a plane in Hong Kong and 10 hours later; we will arrive at the USA. Moreover,
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Many deadliest illnesses can be prevented and cured due to the new technologies and discoveries, for example, the method of detecting the conscious level of vegetative patients. In an article in the Wired, (2014, Oct 16) reports that a new technology named EEG which is for testing the conscious state of the patients has been improved to be more portable and easier to use. This can help the doctor accurately analyze the conscious state of vegetative patients and determine whether the patient has the possibility to recover. Besides avoiding from diseases, medical technology has also provided numerous ways to enhance our body functionality resisting the aging problem, such as glucosamine (heal the cartilage), anti-wrinkle cream. When people have longer and healthier life, we can achieve more goals and dreams. Thus, the medical technology has bettered our place to live …show more content…
NOAA National Climatic Data Center Director Thomas Karl said that, “About half of the events (extreme climate) … reveal compelling evidence that human-caused change was a contributing factor.”(as cited in Gramling C., 2013) In addition, noted climate scientist Peter Stott of the U.K. Met Office, these studies show that in many cases, human influence on climate has increased the risks associated with extreme events. (as cited in Gramling C., 2013) These extreme climates have affected the nature and the sustainability of living on Earth. Undoubtedly, technology has changed and causes damage on the environment in recent years, but it has also helped to safeguard the environment. Sustainable energy and electric car is the proof. Power has always been the problem of our society because the source of it is limited and it will produce lots of pollutants during production, for example, burning of coal and petroleum. So, scientists have put in years inventing new technology that can generate power and be more eco-friendly. Finally, they come up with different types of energy sources like solar, wind, hydroelectric etc. These methods not only can help us reduce the energy shortage, but also greatly cut down the pollution. On the other hand, the greenhouse gases emission of vehicles is often

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