Negative Effects Of Fast Food Chains

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Fast food chains have an immense number of negative effects on the American public. Fast food chains are responsible for causing health problems, economic troubles and poor eating habits within their customers. Meanwhile, the slow uprising of healthy fast food chains is just the change that is needed to lead our society into a better and healthier future. I know very well how bad fast food can be for the human body. I have gained around 10 pounds for being lazy and not preparing my own food. Every time I eat fast food, I hurt my body more and more. “Fast food items are heavily processed, which destroys nutrients and loads them with unhealthy additives,” stated Mercola (2016). The fact that these food chains are well aware of the harm their …show more content…
In the words of Mercola (2016), “Contrary to popular belief, nearly 70 percent of fast food workers are actually adults, and the main wage earners in their family. Gone are the days when fast food joints were staffed primarily with high school students”. I know friends and family who work at McDonalds and they struggle financially. They work long hours with little pay and at the end of the day they wind up asking for government assistance. Mercola (2016) writes that “the average fast food worker makes less than $9 per hour”. This makes sense since the job that the employees carry out is not exactly rocket science. However, something that cannot be forgiven is the case of Nancy Salgado. Nancy is mentioned in the article by Mercola (2016) and she is a single mother who has been working at McDonalds for a decade and still earns her starting wage of eight dollars and twenty-five cents an hour. The fact that many people do not care is insane, they see cases as Nancy as not their problem and that she has what she has earned. As terrible as a mentality that might be, the poor wage that Nancy and many others receive from their fast food employers directly affects all of us. Mercola ( 2016) states, more than 50 percent of US fast food workers are enrolled in some form of public assistance program, costing US tax payers an estimated $7 billion annually. Meaning, that whether you would like to ignore it or not. Fast food franchises are costing us money because they are too greedy to pay workers a humane wage. However, healthy fast food franchises have taken a different approach. The least paid worker in franchises such as “Tender Greens” is the cashier. The cashier receives a wage of ten dollars and eighteen cents ( That’s a great increase compared to the typical fast food worker. I’m not saying these workers are making an outstanding amount, but compared

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