Artificial Intelligence Research Paper

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Artificial intelligence can be an extremely beneficial and efficient method of performing simple tasks or the most difficult of tasks. Artificial intelligence can severely reduce the workload of America. Every day, they are becoming more and more integrated into our daily life. There are hints of artificial intelligence present in some of the common applications that you may see or use every day, such as a smartphone. Although there are many benefits of artificial intelligence, it has its fair share of weaknesses. Even though artificial intelligence can be very positive, it has many negative effects as well. For example, with artificial intelligence becoming more prominent in assembly lines, American workers will lose more and more jobs. …show more content…
There are many great possibilities and there is much room to grow for Artificial Intelligence. It is clear that artificial intelligence is becoming more and more relevant in daily life around the world. Artificial intelligence is being studied and improved upon every day to make production much more efficient and convenient. However, is the implementation of artificial intelligence worth the negative effects it may have? The main weakness of artificial intelligence is that the potential jobs in the market will take a massive blow. Due to the fact that artificial intelligence can and will simply perform jobs with generally a higher standard, human work will be in less demand. Artificial intelligence can not only produce a higher quality of service, but also does so in the most cost efficient way. There are few outcomes in which human could produce as efficiently. Another great weakness of artificial intelligence is that it is not able to think creatively and compassionately. There are some instances/fields in which artificial intelligence is just not applicable. For example, in health care, patients would benefit more from human contact compared to the cold, dead feeling of …show more content…
Artificial Intelligence in modern day phones is programmed to be of the greatest convenience. For example, the location application allows your phone to know where you are at all times. This makes applications such as Google Maps to be very effective and efficient. Research even shows that 87% of iPhone users use Siri (an application that can search the web for you) monthly (Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence, 2014). As stated in my paper above, emotions are not a factor with Artificial Intelligence. However, in certain situations lack of emotions can be a benefit in the workforce. Emotions that affect the decision making of humans and are non-existent with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence can then make unbiased decisions. Moods are also not a factor with Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Intelligence do not get angry, lazy, sleepy, etc. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence is many times more efficient and practical than their human counterparts.
As you can tell from the information presented in graph, revenue generated by artificial intelligence exploits will increase by an extreme amount in areas and countries all across the world. However, most of the gains in revenue will more than likely increase the most in Asia Pacific and North

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