Importance Of Artificial Intelligence

artificial intelligence
The artificial intelligence is one of branches in the computer science which is used in many application especially application of technology as it is the way that the machine or the computer or any application used to make its creation and creativity and help the application to take decisions like humans so it is used in making games, toys, computers, in the internet where the searching engines and absolutely in robotics.
AI researchers and textbooks define the field of artificial intelligence as "the study and design of intelligent agents" in which an intelligent agent is a system that imagine its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success.

What is the difference between the artificial intelligence
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Why we need artifial intelligence in robots?
The artificial intelligence make the robot have a specific tasks and goal and its job to do it or to solve it as the artificial intelligence works with this goal as a problem and divided it into sub-problems and then put many assumption until the robot solve this problems and save time and effort to the humans.
So artificial intelligence helps the robots to act like a people in thinking, learning, talking and moving and also in making tasks and that mean a robots with brains robots with brains can do many things with no risk for human to be harmed in this job, with better accurate and more time as robots don't sleep. artificial intelligence make the robots do something different and unusual in case of changing in any condition and that mean a difference in the routine of doing a job so ordinary machine can't deal with any change while machine with artificial intelligent could deal with this problem and solve it so robots with artificial intelligence is like a human deal with problems with his brain and this is the difference between the automatic artificial intelligent machine and ordinary one which need an person to work on it and take every
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artificial intelligence also are helpful in case of new situation like as it is the method the make the robot take a decision through different situation and different condition so it have some steps to do this :
1-gather the information and facts about the situation as like when it face a problem or many obstacle facing it on its way of moving it collect information about each obstacle facing it and measure the distance from each one .
2-compare information with stored data after gathering the information the robot compare each of the measurements it have measured .
3- choose the most successful decision which is the way where there is no obstacles or the way of the furthest obstacle and then after it become near to any obstacle the robot make the same instruction again. . this instruction not in moving only but in any new situation the robot face in its mission whatever as it is programmed .

And if we think about the artificial intelligence we could see it is not only used for robots in moving and taking a new situation it also used for robot to determine its plane according to its long and short term goals and what jobs should the robot do from more important to less important as it is programmed to

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