Argumentative Essay On Artificial Intelligence

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“Artificial intelligence is growing up fast, as are robots whose facial expressions can elicit empathy and make you quiver” A quote written by a author, poet, and naturalist named Diane Ackerman. Most people in the society totally must have agreed to this quote. They have the same mindset, a negative one regarding to the matter of Artificial Intelligence like the fear of them surpassing human intelligence. The rest might just think that the possibility of artificial intelligence doing that is unlikely impossible. Why do the society felt like this to artificial intelligence? Its development is still slow and even still very far from overcoming the human intelligence or to demolish us. Why do we need to worry so much? Is it a good thing or a …show more content…
Some people said yes and some said no. This is a question that leads and made a lot of arguments in the society. People who said yes said this because of the incredibly high progress in the artificial intelligence development. Back in the 1950’s, artificial intelligence at that time only can play chess, checker, and solve mathematical problems. But then, in less than seventy years, artificial intelligence had changed a lot in progress. In February 2011, a magnificent machine named “Watson” changed the development and history of artificial intelligence. Watson is an IBM supercomputer that was combined with artificial intelligence which answer questions that is given to him. Watson changed the history as it managed to beat two contestants in a show called “Jeopardy” claiming one million us dollars as the prize. Watson can process data in a very quick …show more content…
Rollo Carpenter made it. It is an artificial intelligence that had made the whole world astonished and shocked in the Turing test, which is a test for conversational robots on how good was it. The reason for it to surprised people is it managed to scam questioner in the Turing test into thinking that it was itself a human. After becoming online in 1997, it has approximately finished 65 million conversations with Internet users and the number is still increasing. This extra-ordinary artificial intelligence process similar likes a human learning. First, Cleverbot analyze and learn from the conversations. It kept all of the things it learned in a huge database. Then, the Cleverbot will use the knowledge to respond better and clearer in future conversation. Watson and Cleverbot are just two. There is still more artificial intelligence that is even better from them and will be better in the future. The example of Watson and Cleverbot frightened huge amount of people in the society. Even famous people said that artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity. For example, Stephen hawking, a famous British scientist said, “full development of artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race”. Not just him, but also Bill Gates, the popular billionaire and the founder of Microsoft, said, “humans should be worried about the threat posed by artificial intelligence.”

People who said that artificial

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