Negative Effect Of Sex Appeal On Advertising Affect Over Children, And Woman Images

1994 Words Dec 9th, 2014 null Page
The earliest known and noted sexually appealing advertisement was by a Tobacco company named Pearl Tobacco, in 1871 it shockingly highlighted a naked maid on the package cover (Beigelman). Over the years advertisements have changed and there has been a crackdown on what can be posted and what cannot be. There has been relatively a diversity in our advertisement resources for selling products; products that have been quite an attention grabber for the consumers. One of these resources is sex appeal and a lot of it. The use of the sex appeal in commercials or posters you see in the mall has been fill advertisement agencies and firms’ pockets with massively mullah! However, this way of advertising has some negative effects to be knowledgeable of. For that reason, this essay’s purpose is to describe and analyze the sometimes unnoticeable negative effects that sex appeal in advertising affect over children, and woman images. This topic has become progressively debatable as many individuals believe that there has been an increase in sexualized media over recent years. Critics believe this is what’s to blame for the increase of sexually active teenagers. Although the media may argue that they need to continue to be sexualized in order to effectively promote their ideas and sell products to a society that has become sexualized over time, I believe too much of sex appeal can and will affect our children as well as cause teenagers to become sexually at a young age and also the…

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