Negative Behaviors That I Practice And How It Significantly Affects My Overall Health

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Reading the premise of this paper, forced me to take a look at many negative behaviors that I practice and how it significantly affects my overall health. I would describe myself as healthy, I am five feet eleven inches, one hundred and sixty pounds in a slim frame. Until six months ago I ran four miles on a treadmill four times a week, and on occasion, elected to walk the three miles to and from work. I currently work in the emergency room; I average four thousand steps per shift which is tracked by an app on my cell phone. My position in the emergency room requires heavy lifting, pushing, and continuous bending. I can hold a liter urine for twelve hours rarely having the opportunity to urinate depending on patient acuity (this has been confirmed with bladder scanning). The emotional stress of nursing is enormous, especially for nurses working in critical care. Many years ago, after many sleepless nights, I vowed to never bring my work home. After my shift, I go directly to sleep often getting eight hours each night. However, I do have one thing that has been a source of comfort, relaxation, and happiness for me for many years. Smoking is my vice. I began smoking casually as a teen in my second year of college. Due to the addictive properties of the product, I quickly became addicted and started smoking more and more. Although, I am well aware of the adverse health implications of smoking, I am addicted and have not yet decided to take the cessation plunge.
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