Nature vs. Nurture Essay

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Different personality traits make us who we are today. There are many factors to our personalities and each aspect illustrates a bigger picture of who we are and how we came to be. Openness to experience is a factor of the Five Factor Model (FFM) that describes my personality and is an essential part of who I am in this society. Openness utilizes active imagination, attentiveness to inner feelings, intellectual curiosity, interest in variety, and interest in aesthetics. It is used to display a general appreciation for creative ideas, imaginations, and the arts. Due to a sufficient amount of psychometric research, it is valid to say that openness is viewed as a global personality trait that is comprised of a set of specific habits, …show more content…
Both Yuri and Nari appreciate creative ideas, unique imagination, and immense curiosity. Additionally, both of them are advocates of being in-touch with their inner feelings and emotions.
Going into depth with the analysis of the twin genes, a more specific example would be when the twins and I had a debate with one of my friends who grew up in Korea. We were on the topic of our futures and what we wanted to achieve in the future. My friend expressed her idea of becoming a workingwoman similar to what all the other women in society are. She then went on to explain that she would want to have the most realistic occupation instead of pursuing her dreams. My twin cousin’s and I told her to explore different realms of her dreams and that she should pursue them. We gave her different examples of why she should pursue what she desired to do with our own life experiences and our knowledge in the field she wanted to achieve. However, my friend strongly disagreed with us and shut us down. This is a justification of how the twins are exposed to openness of experience even though they grew up in different environments. Also, the twins excel at understanding other people’s feelings and emotions. These evidences show that the genetic component of openness is true and existent. It would have been strongly possible for the environment to cause a different personality trait, but because of their similarity in genes, they both still carry

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