Nature Vs. Nurture: Destiny And Nature And Who We Are?

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Why are we the way we are? Are we born with a set destiny and personality or can our environments shape us? In some classes, hearing the nature vs. nurture argument was quite common and I never gave it much thought until a close friend of mine showed me how much someone’s environment can change them for better and for worse, and unfortunately his environment has changed him for worse. No one is born into gang violence, they’re brought in, and saying I was concerned would be a major understatement, so I decided to try and intervene, and to some avail he is now trying to get out. With some positive nurture, someone can change drastically from letting greed rule their life to becoming a model citizen. To me, nothing is as captivating as the infamous nature v. nurture debate because I lose all track of time when …show more content…
For example, a good friend of mine went down a dark path after moving to North Tulsa which happens to be notorious for gang violence, garbage in garbage out I suppose. He put himself and others in danger, and I didn’t understand at the time that his environment was to blame. His home life was heartbreaking. Instead of getting loving parents in a safe neighborhood, he got a drug addict for a mother and an absentee father in a dangerous environment. I was terrified by the change in him, especially since I couldn’t understand it. Abuse can also play a huge role in how you turn out, I can’t help but wonder how different he and I would be if he grew up in a loving home and if I didn’t have my first stepmother around. So after hearing about the nature v. nurture debate, I decided to try to intervene in his life and set him on the right path, I figured that maybe with a positive source of encouragement and support, he would change his life for the better. He didn’t have anyone else, and everyone deserves love and support from someone because we can’t realize our full potential

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