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Lou spent much of his life living throughout the southern United States and these experiences with mixed populations allowed him to create a compelling piece that brings recognition, not only to present events, but to historical events as well. In this way Richard Lou restores some dignity back to those individuals who have been affected, by opening up a dialogue within a public space about the effects of border restrictions, and he references the fear induced by an increase in fortification at the borders. This work was created for the gallery and I think it’s appropriate because his intended audience would be more likely to see it in the gallery rather than at a border site.

A look at the history of European borders shows extreme changes in territory and political boundaries over time, especially during the post-WWI and post-WWII eras when many new nations were created. Also significant to these time periods, in particular WWI, was the weakening of some of the French Empire colonies which after the war sought their own independence amid a growing scrutiny over coloinalizm.30 The EEC Treaty (The Treaty Establishing the European Economic Community), meant to bolster Europe’s economy, was introduced in 1957, and included provisions like “the establishment of a common market”, “the establishment of a customs union”, and “the development of common policies.”

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