Native Americans Should Not Receive Reparations From The United States Government

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Native Americans should not receive reparations from the United States government. Those indigenous people are privileged to live under a democracy, have high Ivy League acceptance rates and pay little to no taxes.
It is safe to say that you cannot decide someone’s fate without knowing their struggle. In the early 1800s, Europeans viewed the West as a frontier of undiscovered and unoccupied land. While looking at the land as if it was a gold mind, they caught cataract to the eye and failed to acknowledge the Native Americans starring them directly in the face. The Native Americans groomed the land and made a decent lifestyle for themselves for thousands of years.
Native Americans were open to helping Europeans. They believed that their land was for everyone and that it was supposed to be used and shared (Tindall and Shi 6). They helped the Europeans get through cold winters, taught them how to plant and overall survive. From day one the Europeans were set out to seize land, dig for gold and make an easy way of life for themselves. Native Americans were blind-sided the whole time on what they thought was a mutual relationship. Soon they would feel the downside of the Europeans colonizing America.
Congratulations! You have just won the deed to a new house. After opening the door, you realize that the house is currently occupied. You could easily force the home owner to get out and take them to court or you could simply walk away. The following statement sounds redundant;…

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