Native Americans And The United States Essay

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Children are seen as the most important asset to any community. They are the ones that will continue the traditions and pass down the culture. However, what happens when certain children do not emulate the reflection of all the other children? The United States answer was to assimilate into the rest of the country’s vision. Native Americans were looked down upon as being inferior even though they were in North America first. How valuable the children were the United States decided to take them from their homes and put them into boarding schools; in hopes that the current generation of Native Americans would be the last. However, not all native children had the same experience in boarding schools creating complex identities and feelings. Boarding schools helped to create people who were diverse with different views on, race, blood, culture progress, assimilation, and disappearance all of which changes over time (Pg.230 Deloria). Equally important they tried to assimilate native children which led to them trying balance two worlds; the world they knew and the world they were learning to know. In response congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act which stopped the taken of native children. From now on native children could be adopted or placed with other natives. Recently studies have been made to examine the process reuniting native from the boarding school era with their birth families, by looking at assimilation through schools and adoption it shows how Native…

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