Native Americans And The New World Essay

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Many Europeans, including French, Dutch, and British, came to the New World for their own reach such as a settlement. They had to adapt to new environments, learn about Native Americans, and develop new institutions. The Southern Colonies was the first region that these Europeans, especially British settlers, came to the New World for seeking riches, resources, and trading opportunities. And these purposes brought them to settle in new lands. The Southern Colonies consisted of Virginia, Maryland, Chesapeake, and Caribbean Islands where Europeans came for their purposes. The first land was Virginia where a first group of British merchants called themselves as the Virginia Company. This company was divided by two groups. The first settles’ group was the Virginia Company of Plymouth who abolished their camps because they experienced disease, Indian attacks, and bitterly cold winter without sufficient supplies (Gillon, pg. 50). The other group, the Virginia Company of London, these settlers knew how to fish and farm for acorns and roots; they failed to find silver and gold and depended on Indians’ foods because of scare supplies. The troubles were not over, some colonist stole corn from Indians tribes, burned Indian shelters, ate every last domestic animal, and killed warriors of Powhatan, who was an Indian leader (Gillon, pg.51). So, Powhatan decided to send his daughter, Pocahontas, to James town, where John Smith traded European trinkets with the area Indians, for…

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