Virginia Colonies Vs New England Colonies Essay

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During the 17th century, many Europeans, especially the English came over to America in search of a life better than the one they had in England. In the early to mid 1600s, two different groups of people, the participants from the Virginia Company and the Puritans. Despite this similarity, both the participants and the Puritans had other intentions of moving to America and with this, many other differences. Taking all the advantages and disadvantages the two groups had into consideration, the state of Rhode Island in the New England colonies would have been in the best condition to live in. Both groups, the Virginia Company’s (settled in the Southern colonies) and the Puritans’ (settled in the New England colonies), main reason for moving to America were to live a better life, although their objectives of what to do in America were different. In England, the lives for both the Puritans and the Virginia Company’s participants were not as satisfying or comfortable as they wanted it to be. Both groups encountered hardships, overcame adversities, and conformed to the

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