Narrator 's Role : Call Of The Wild By Jack London Essay

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Narrator’s Role
Call of the Wild, by Jack London, introduces the reader to Buck, a St. Bernard/Scottish Shepard mixed, kidnapped by gold prospectors on their quest to find gold in the frozen tundra of Alaska. Buck went through dramatic challenges in order to survive from losing the only family he knew, “Humans and dogs share a long intertwined history. DNA evidence suggests domestic dogs most likely diverged from wolves in different places at different times beginning as long as 135,000 years ago (Vila et al., 1997).” This is when the morphological structure of certain groups of wolves began to change to more closely resemble the modern domestic dog” (Udell and Wynee, 247) “In preparing for the wild, the dog undergoes a socialization process of three stages, each represented by Buck’s dealing with a different sort of family, His fourth and final, ideal family resembles the compromise between civilization and primitive man (Fusco 76).” Going from a pampered existence, to a slave, to a fighter, a winner and then becoming an entirely new “Buck”, and at one with his ancestors and alike.
Buck’s life started out as the families treasured pet. “But Buck was neither house-dog nor kennel-dog” (London 2). Buck spent his days enjoying life on the Judge’s land in Santa Clara Valley, California, playing with the children of the house, being a companion to the Judge, and the center of attention within the family. “He plunged into the swimming tank or went hunting with the Judge’s sons;…

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