Into The Wild Theme Essay

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In the book Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, he suggests the idea that the wilderness allures people. The author states how Chris is “near to the wild heart of life.”(Krakauer 23) Through this the writer validates how the wild is getting close to his heart and it is continuing to lure him into it. Moreover, McCandless described the trip to individuals as if it would be the “journey... that would change everything.” (Krakauer 18) All of this goes to show that the wilderness entices him because it expresses how he isn’t joyful with his life path. This trip’s purpose for him is that it will mold a new him and he will withdraw with it all thought out. To conclude, it McCandless has his heart set on heading to Fairbanks, Alaska; nothing will discontinue him on his expedition.
Another theme being implied in this piece of literature is the theme of forgiveness and how Chris exhibited it. Chris thrusts away anybody who tries to get close to him, many people do this as if they sense that
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It directly states how endangerment has “always [had] a certain allure” on young men searching for solutions. (Krakauer 124) A perfect example is Chris and how he specifically takes this life changing outing to the frontier when he could’ve gone any other place, nonetheless he goes into the uninhabited lands of North America because it has the most new and treacherous things he could confront. Furthermore, Mr. McCandless knows that “danger [bathes] the world” however he travels towards the biggest chunk in North America. (Krakauer 93) The fact that he finds answers to his life by risking losing it is why he continues to travel to the abandoned mean of transportation. It presents on how he thinks that the more near-death experiences he has, the happier he will be with his life. Danger and its thrills has always been a leading cause to doing acts that people would habitually not

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