Analysis Of Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Register to read the introduction… He determined that he would travel to Alaska, get further away from it all, and face nature at its finest. He traveled exceptionally light. He didn?t take much, a parka, a small rifle, some boots, a few clothes, a ten pound bag of rice, books, and little else. ?The heaviest item in McCandless?s half-full backpack was his library: nine or ten paperbound books. Among the authors were Thoreau, Tolstoy, Gogol, Crichton, Pirsig, L?Amour, and a plant journal? (Krakauer 162). Chris wanted to live on as little as possible. Some people say he had a death wish, but I think he just was an introverted person who was angry at everyone. He thought he could do just as well by himself. He stayed on the Stampede Trial, about five miles from Denali National Park. He lived all by himself, without any communication from the outside world for about three months. Chris lived off the game he shot and the plants he found. Much of his time was spent hunting. Even with all of the game, he burned far more calories than he consumed. He wrote a lot in his journal and also took pictures of himself. One of his last journal entries read ?EXTREMELY WEAK. FAULT OF POT. SEED. MUCH TROUBLE JUST TO STAND UP. STARVING. GREAT JEOPARDY? (Krakauer 189). …show more content…
The real reason he died was actually because he mixed up two easily mistaken plants. One plant was good for you, and the other, when eaten enough of, was lethal. When Chris went into a drought of game, he subsisted off of plants. He ate a lot of the wild potato seed, which he mixed up with the wild pea seed. This killed him in the end. ?The main reason of Chris? expedition into the Alaskan interior was to see how far he could go, test his limits, and stand face to face with nature? (Krakauer

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