Taeh Scream: A Short Story

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The day had come for Taehyung and you to have lunch with your parents and he showed up at your door particularly dressed to impress. Even if he looked like he was about to play a round of golf, you knew your mother especially would eat it up.
You were mostly quiet on the way to the restaurant, nervously nit picking at the hem of your light blue sundress and fidgeting with your thumbs while staring out the window of his car and sighing occasionally. He asked what’s wrong multiple times, even if he already knew, but you would shrug at his questions and continue being silent.
You knew you weren’t being fair to Taehyung, and you were more frustrated at yourself than anything, but it was easy to be grumpy with him because he allowed you to have
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You shook it off, grabbing the menu yourself as Taehyung did the same, and realized you couldn’t pronounce most of the names listed. You cocked your head to the side, noticing there was no price, so you weren’t sure how the two of you would order something cheap, easy, and quick so you could get the lunch date with your parents over with.
However, you all managed to order, making small talk as you waited. Mostly your mother asked Taehyung questions, and you sat in nervous silence as he rolled through them with ease. He was never phased, and you were somewhat impressed, but mostly just an anxious mess.
A few times he reached over to grab your hand beneath the table to give it a gentle squeeze, catching you off guard and it clearly showed on your face. You saw your mother’s grin flash before your eyes and your father still sat in a grumpy mood. You weren’t sure what his deal was, but you assumed either Taehyung was all wrong for you, or just right for you. You knew the poor boy never had a chance. Luckily for him, it wasn’t real.
“So, when are you two getting married?” Your mother jumped the gun and asked the most important questions, even if they were embarrassing and so out of line to even be discussing. You fumbled with the napkin in your lap while looking

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