Case Study : ' The Late Paper '

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The Late Paper

I. Rank the characters, Professor Freud, Kim, Arnold, Cindy, Phillip, and Mary from one to six in the order you feel they deserve blame/responsibility for the outcome. Number 1 would be the most responsible, and Number 6 would be the least responsible. Explain and defend your rankings.
1. KIM She let her emotions interfere with her decision to do what was most important to her which was turning her paper on time. She knew that paper was due by noon on December 18 and did all she needed to do to have it even before time, but she let Cindy convinced her to go have some fun. Even when she couldn’t convinced Cindy to take her home, she could have find another solution or even possibly take a taxi to go back home. She could have set her alarm clock to wake her up earlier so she would have enough time to take her paper on time. She is really the only one to blame on this situation.
2. ARNOLD He also let his emotions and his low self-esteem damaged his relationship with his wife. If he was threaten by Kim getting close to get her college degree then instead of trying to diminish her , he could have try to get his college degree also. He allowed Philip’s comments finish poisoning his mind.
3. PHILLIP He is probably a very unhappy and bitter person that cannot see other people happy. Most people like him do not like to be unhappy by themselves so they constantly have to find ways to poison other peoples mind to make them unhappy too. However, his comments only…

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