Short Story: The Frustrated Taxi

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“Where’s my mother?! I can’t see her!” I hysterically shouted to the clueless chinese taxi driver. I tried to comfort both my sisters by gently telling them everything was going to be fine. I clenched my fists as anxiety washed over me. “Don 't worry,” I whispered in a shaky voice “I 'm sure we are almost there.”
It was 1:00 am and the outside world was dark and blinded by fog. After driving through a dark alleyway the taxi came to a halt. Looking around I saw our hotel; The filthy hotel had around 10 floors and it felt as though it would fall apart. The chinese man extended his hand towards me and exclaimed something in mandarin. “I don’t have any money.” I started. I tried to ask him where my mom was as best I could. The frustrated Taxi
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As we arrived to our new four star hotel we felt relieved and felt almost safe. We made our way to the dining area ready to eat a delicious breakfast buffet. I neared a chef that was preparing waffles and she grunted at me in acknowledgement. “ Do you need help?” A young beautiful chinese lady asked pointing at the waffle stand. “Oh sure. Can you request her for a normal waffle, please.” I said to her. I watched curiously as the chinese lady spoke in mandarin to the chef. The chef’s eyes darted nervously towards me and the chinese lady. The chinese lady politely told me to come back in five minutes, so I made my way back to the table my mother and my sisters were seated …show more content…
The buildings in Beijing, China were impeccable; The only flaw was that you couldn 't see much due to the thick smog in the sky. We finally arrived to our destination after a couple of wrong stops. We spent around 6 hours in the mall, and I got absolutely nothing useful. My feet were getting tired and my head ached from listening to my mother trying to bargain with the prices at every store. I walked away from the area my family was in and made my way down an empty hall. I bought a drink from a vending machine at the end of the hall and sat down on the floor. Some people passed by not minding me until some skinny chinese guy with a big scary man behind me stopped in front of me. They glared at me and spoke in broken english. “” I quickly got up and sprinted down the hall the. I 've never had an adrenalin rush before and I 'm glad because the experience was intense. Those guys could have just wanted me to visit their electronic store, but they could have also been drug dealers or worse. After the waffle lady I didn 't want to take any more chances on

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