Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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I’m sitting on the white carpet when I come back to the present, my head resting against the wall. My cheeks are cold and wet, head pounding like I’ve been hit by a hammer. I don’t exactly remember what happened. One minute I was standing at the window, the next I’m sitting on the floor underneath it.
“Gemma! Are you ready for dinner yet?”
“No, Mom! Give me another few minutes! I got distracted, I’m sorry!” I call down to her, my voice coming off as hoarse. I let out a shaky breath and stand up, leaning against the frame until I regain my balance. I give it one last look and give the carved initials a gentle touch with my fingers. I pick up my suitcases and head inside of the master bedroom, tossing them on the bed. This was Scott’s room before the divorce happened. Whenever my parents fought this is where my mother would make him sleep. It wasn’t much of a punishment but somehow it worked when they were fighting.
I hurry inside of the bathroom and look at myself in the mirror. My eyes have slight bags underneath them, my hair is even messier than before, and there’s blood coming out from my nose. Wait. Blood?! I wipe it away with my hand and pick up a washcloth to help stop the bleeding. What the fuck happened? Why don’t I remember any of this?
I spend the next few minutes trying to stop the bleeding and washing my face. I change into a purple tank top and a pair of sweatpants. I’m definitely not telling Mom about what happened. I’ll just tell her that I’m tired and…

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