Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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I rip my arm out of the suit’s grasp the moment we enter the control room. I clench and unclench my fists, watching the veins in my hands grow darker by the moment. The smile is still there, a thrill of excitement at the power flooding my system. I’m hit with an urge to take more, but the elevator closing distracts me. I didn’t even notice coming in here.
I laugh a little, realizing that I’m alone in here. The suits didn’t follow. I assume I’m being waited for, then. I doubt Cross wants me wandering by myself just now. I’m an unpredictable variable. I may be on his side, but I’m sure he doesn’t trust me.
No, I’m not on his side.
I’m on Connor’s side. My side. On the side of the humans, no matter how weak they - we - may be. I’m still human. I’m not a monster yet. I touch my fingers to my thumb, a nervous flash to use up some of the explosive energy within me.
I have to kill the warden. I have to save my children. My mind calls upon images of Cross, bloody and beaten. The smile returns, though I’m not sure if it ever left. A strand of hair is caught in the corner of my mouth. I tug it loose, surprised when I find it longer than it was. Only an inch or two, not something anyone else would really notice. It’s slightly brighter, as well.
I run my fingers through my hair, my brow furrowing when I really see the difference. Bright, solid, almost fluorescent carnation rather than the dull magenta that had been scattered in my dirty blonde hair.
This kind of thing can happen in…

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