Narrative Essay - Original Writing

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The next morning I woke up. I would send for some clothes from my house today, I knew would be staying here for some time. No matter what happened to Scott, Edward would need me.
I reached for Scott 's hand which I had let go only after saying
“I 'm just going to get dressed” and it laid down exactly where it had stayed waiting for my hand’s return. Dressed I walked over to him,
“Is it ok if I go downstairs for moment or would you like me to stay?”
A slow gentle squeeze came for my hand and he been released but I knew what the spent it was ok for me to go for a moment, and so I did.
As I walked down stairs. I realized how gloomy it still was outside. I made my way down the grand staircase and into the main hall, then slowly to the parlor where I had eaten so many a breakfast with Scott. In the parlor sat Elizabeth primped and beautiful as always.
“Is he still asleep?” I questioned
“Yes, he is, though I believe it not to be a restful sleep, he tossed all night and cried out many times yet he never awoke. Thank you for sending him to bed though I 've never been able to command him as you have.”
“I think the authority comes with the past my dear.”
“Maybe so. I take it Scott hasn 't improved, if he did I hope you 've not left him alone.” “No my dear of course not, I wouldn 't leave him unless I believed he was ok with me being away for a moment.”
“What do you think of this whole situation Mary?”
“Well my dear I would help me very much if you would give me the full story. No one…

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