Dialogue Essays: The Adventures Of Ginny And Lissy

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“Ginny, Nelly, and Lissy, come downstairs at once! I have someone who I wish you to meet!” Mother called from downstairs. Ginny sighed and rolled out of bed. She hated when her mother woke her up by yelling; though she hated it when her mother woke her up by shaking her. Frankly, she just hated it when her mother woke her up.
Ginny looked at her sisters and saw they were being just as sluggish as her. Neither of them seemed either to drag themselves out of bed. “Now!” Mother called from downstairs. Ginny grabbed her robe off the chair as she hurried downstairs. Whoever could Mother want them to meet?
Mother stood at the foot of the stairs with a woman Ginny had never seen before. She was a shorter woman, leaning more towards the larger side.
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“A governess? Why do we need a governess?” Lissy cried her anger showing. Lissy did not like the being controlled by anyone and a governess would probably be a very controlling force.
“It is time you girls learn to be proper women of society. Ms. Ecker is here to help you learn to do that. Ms. Ecker is quite a brave soul, agreeing to take on the three of you, since, heavens know, you can be quite a handful.”
“What about Blithe and Lottie? Are they to have a governess?” Nelly
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Ginny, however, remained seated. She wanted to talk to Emeline for a moment.
“Are we actually going to have a lesson?” She asked, suspiciously.
“Well we have to have some sort of a lesson, or I would lose my job. However, it may not be as strict as your mother wishes it to be. That can be our little secret,” Emeline said, putting a finger on her lips.
Ginny smiled. “I can’t believe my mother hired you. I don’t mean anything by that, it just seems like you are too,” Ginny paused thinking of the right word, “loose for her.”
Emeline laughed. “I know how to please people. I know what they want to hear. Your mother wanted to hear that I would be strict and make you into proper society women. Your sisters wanted to get time to themselves and food.”
“What about me? What do I want?”
Emeline paused for a moment and then smiled. “I’m still learning that. Will you allow me time to learn?”
Ginny stared at the ground. Did she trust Emeline, someone her mother hired to train her? Could she trust her? Ginny looked up at Emeline and noticed her eyes were a similar shade to her own. Emeline smiled at her and Ginny couldn’t help but smile back.

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