Kayla's Laughter In The Haunted House

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Kayla’s laughter rang out in the darkness as we raced back to the house. We always spent Halloween pranking the houses around the neighborhood, but this year we went a little extreme. It was our last year before college and we were both moving out of state come fall. So we decided to have a little fun this Halloween and prank every house in the neighborhood, including our own so it wouldn’t be obvious we were the ones who did it. We were in the middle of the last house on the street when suddenly the light came on and someone started yelling. We dashed away, hopefully before someone saw us. Once we are safely in my house we collapse on the floor laughing. “Okay that was the most fun I’ve had in ages.” Kayla managed to gasp out between …show more content…
“I wish I could,” I sigh, “But I have to babysit The Brats tonight.” The Brats is what we call the twin seven year olds and their baby sister who I have to babysit weekly. They are awful and the only reason I even think about driving by their house is the extravagant paycheck the I get from the Watsons every Wednesday. Their parents are doctors and had to get a new babysitter every day before I came along.
“Why can’t you just ditch them. Maybe then they will realize how much you do any you will get paid even more.” she said, drawing out the last syllable.
I push Kayla out the door and watch her dash to her house across the street. Then I pack my bags and jump in my car. I speed down the street and hope none of the neighbors notice me.
Within minutes I’m at the Watsons house and I can see the silhouettes of the twins waiting for me through the glass door. I walk up and see them run away to grab their mother, Evelyn. Evelyn answers the door with a fake smile plastered on her face. She is wearing a nurse costume for the Halloween party they go to every year. She doesn’t look like it was her who picked the costume, and adjusts it every five seconds to make it cover more of her

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