Sex Trafficking Research Papers

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Many people in societies and government are increasing demand to have sex with young girls. The demand never come to an end that is why sex trafficking business is becoming first biggest crime in the world. Sex trafficking business is worth billions of dollars, and they don’t have to pay any tax on it. Joan states, “Due to a fear of contracting AIDS or other sexually transmissible infections, sex offenders or johns have increased the overall demand for “virgins” or prepubescent minors” (11). Sex traffickers force more new girls into prostitution to fulfill johns demand as Joan said. Johns are really selfish because they just care about their own protection only without even caring about the victims. “Due to the greater likelihood of younger …show more content…
Most of the girls, who end up in underage prostitution, they have inadequate knowledge about the world, sexually abused at younger age, and lack of family support. Throughout the world, traffickers and pimps force underage girls in prostitution and victims are suffering everywhere to find safe shelter and support. As Joan states, “The most commonly held misconception regarding child sex trafficking victims in the United States is that these victims cannot be U.S. citizens or legal residents, but rather it is assumed that child sex trafficking victims are minors who have been illegally transported across international borders” (5). American government believes all the sex trafficking victims are from other countries, and they have been transported in United States illegally as Joan mentions. As much as human trafficking is still a global problem, the society still has to be educated on this issue. When people recognizes and acknowledges the problem, then they can be protective for their children and the children of the society. As the society take actions, the government must give a hand. Underage prostitution can be stopped by making strict laws on the traffickers, providing shelter and security for the victims. Someday, underage forced prostitution will not exist around the globe. The victims can overcome their past and start their new lives, where they don’t have to worry about being locked up for their safety. They would have the rights they deserve and live their lives happily and

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