Narrative Essay On My Holiday

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They spent weeks preparing it all even down to making the bunting I had told them that half the money was for the school and the other half they could use to buy something for the den
Well they done really well they made enough to buy a children’s karaoke machine and with all the pennies thy
Had been putting into the bucket they had £100 for the school We had a great holiday when we went to Florida with Jo-Ann Tony and her 4 younger boys we stayed in a villa with them for 2 week Wally was doing jacket potatoes but he accidently put parmesan cheese on them the smell was atrocious this is what happens when you let him loose while he is drinking lol he has never lived it down
On our return from Florida at the airport Jo-Ann and I went to
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As our Mothers Children Donna Jo-Ann and Richard Her son-in-laws Wally and Tony Her Grandchildren Michael with Helen Kerry with Rob Terry Melissa with Steve Gemma Bradley Craig Connor Mitchell Shane with Nicola Haley Charlotte with Neil Plus our Mothers Great Grandchildren Adam Brenden Lewis Ethan Plus her ex Husband Roy

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