My Autobiography Essay: How Reading Changed My Life

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Literacy History Essay I became the literate person i am today by mostly writing, I write all the time and I do a little reading. What made me love writing was the fact I found an escape, not on an emotional level but writting is something to help ease in my opinion. I influenced writing myself, even though it’s something done in school a lot, I continued it outside of school as a choice of my own, once I started I never stopped. I have a different viewpoint on reading as I do writting, reading is not that bad but it can get boring. What made me feel different about reading from writting is probably the fact reading just takes time, like when you write, you write any and everytthing however you want. But, to read a book, you have to read it a certain way for it to make sense to you. Reading has had a good effect in my home. I say this because, if I couldn’t read, it’d be hard for me to read things around the house like the time, or ingredients or measurements to cook. My little sister reads all the time and i sometimes ask how she does it but she’s always been a reader. People who have …show more content…
My attitude towards reading has somewhat changed because usually, before, I would blow it off but then as I got older I realized its part of school and life so why not just get use to it. I got to the library often, and check out books. My attitude towards writting hasn’t changed and probably won’t. Writting is my favorite. I have a lot of strenghths being a writter. In school, the feedback I get on writtings are always positive, on how the way it flows and word choice. When I was in about 4th grade, and when I started to enjoy the writting assignments, I would focus alot on my handwritting and word choice. I tried to keep it as neat a possible and tried to make my word choice

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